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Galxcy Patch

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Welcome the Galxcy Patch, where technology meets style! Our set of 12 unique 2.5-inch circle QR code patches is the perfect way to showcase your individuality while staying connected in the digital world.

Each patch features a high-quality QR code that can be easily scanned with any QR code reader. Simply customize the QR code to link to your website, CashApp, or any other campaign of your choice. Whether you want to promote your personal brand, raise awareness for a cause, or drive traffic to your online platform, these patches are the ideal solution.

Our Galxcy Patches are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Choose between the iron-on or velcro backing option, allowing you to attach them to your favorite clothing, bags, or accessories effortlessly. The durable construction ensures that these patches will stay securely in place, even through everyday wear and tear.

With a set of 12 patches, you’ll have plenty to share or mix and match for endless creative possibilities. They make fantastic gifts for friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of technology and fashion.

Product Details:

Set of 12 unique 2.5-inch circle QR code patches
Customizable QR code links to your website, CashApp, or campaign
Choose between iron-on or velcro backing for easy attachment
Durable construction for long-lasting use
Perfect for personal branding, promotions, or expressing your style
Ideal for clothing, bags, hats, and more
Grab your set of Galxcy Patches today and make a bold statement that stands out from the crowd. Embrace the future of fashion and connectivity with our innovative QR code patches. Order now and elevate your style with a touch of modern technology!

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